Ministry of Foreign Affairs Authentication

We assist you with document authentication at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Abuja. Some documents that are commonly authenticated at the ministry include:

Birth Certificate and Attestation of Birth Marriage Certificate
Police Character Certificate
Single Status Affidavit; and
Passport data Page, etc.

Ministry of Education Authentication

Credentials such as university degree certificate and diplomas, transcripts, WAEC, NECO, and other academic documents generally need to be authenticated both at the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Foreign Affairs. We assist with both aspects of the process.

Conditional Embassy Legalization

Where possible, we may help legalize your authenticated document at the embassy of your choice. This often requires a letter of authority that authorizes our agent to act on your behalf. Note this this service is conditional and not tied to our core foreign affairs and education ministry authentication services.

You Provide the Details, We Act.

To ensure everything goes well, kindly furnish us with all the necessary details and accurate information about the requirements for your document authentication - as ascertained from the embassy of your destination country.

Get Informed...

To learn more about the official process and procedures for document authentication & legalization in Nigeria,, you may wish to read our detailed article on how to authenticate documents in Nigeria.