Why You May Need Our Apostille Document Authentication and Legalization Assistance

The official process for authenticating documents at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Education (for academic certificates) in Nigeria is really stressful and time-consuming. If you lack the patience or time to follow through, you can easily get frustrated. Fortunately, Antarch Consulting is very experienced in this area, and we leverage on our contacts and knowledge of how things work at both ministries to get document authentication done quickly and reliably for you.


In spite of our accelerated authentication assurance, there are no illegal shortcuts. When we assist clients with document authentication, it always follows the standard, official protocol - with the genuine government seals, stamps, signatures, and receipts where applicable. 100% Guaranteed.

Efficiency & Reliability

Depending on requirements, a printed copy of your document or the original may be authenticated. In either case, we understand the need for precision, care and efficient handling and logistics. We typically have to send the authenticated document back to you via courier or waybill, so we don't leave room for careless mistakes.

Value For Money

There's no price too high to pay when you get value for money. We charge a premium price to take the stress of Nigeria’s document authentication and legalization processes away from you. To help ensure that everything goes well and that your documents are authenticated and delivered to you as quickly as possible. At every step of the way, you get excellent feedback and customer service.

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