Why Antarch Consulting is your best bet for personal statements & motivation letters

When you want assistance for a personal statement, motivation letter, or other academic assistance services, there's really no substitute for Antarch Consulting and the reason is simple.

Zero Plagiarism

For us, originality is non-negotiable, We know the implications of plagiarism, and we avoid it at all costs. Our personal statements and other content are always 100% original; prepared for you alone, from scratch.


Our personal statements are always well-researched and expertly written in good English. This produces a piece of work that persuades and compels the intended audience (e.g. admissions committee) to take positive action.

Ancillary Support

Antarch Consulting also provides support services that make life easier for you during the admission seeking phase and afterwards. These include document authentication services for your academic certificates, and expert research assistance during your program.

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